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Sunny flight
Alligator the Mudwing
• 7/6/2014

Roooooooollleeee play (anyone/ everyone welcomed)

Lets start one! (If any of you will ever be one .....) Since this wiki terribly inactive I thought maybe the next time everyone logs onto he wiki will joking in he rp and we shall get active again (or the wiki will be frozen till he next book gets released and everyone generally gets active again for a couple months. Anywho Anyone welcomed to join in :D

A snowy white she dragon ventured throughout the snowy forest , intill she sow another dragon in the distance.

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Sunny flight
Alligator the Mudwing
• 7/17/2014
the dragon was a mudwing a he looked scared
• 8/9/2014

She woundered why the mudwing would be so deep into Icewing territory, 

As it was her job to watch this section of the forest she decided to fly up and ask the mudwing why he was here.

• 8/10/2014
he said he was running away from burn and her allies who wanted him dead
• 8/13/2014

(Ice wings and mud wings are enemies right) She growled "why would burn want you dead'" she hissed burns name.

• 8/15/2014
he takes a few steps back "I was a spy for the talons until Queen Moorhen found out and so I was no use to the talons and I've been on the run ever since" he says trying to look none threatening
• 9/8/2014

( sorry i havent replied for so long, i was away for a week and then school started ...sorry) 

She had heard about the Talons before, you usuallly didnt get involved with them unless you had a death wish.

You have thirty seconds to convince me not to hand you over to my queen. She growled 

• 9/12/2014
"um um" he said looking frantic "I know information on the mudwings"
• 9/16/2014
"You would rat out your own kind to save your own hide?" She asked cunningly
• 3/27/2015

New dragon lands, (mudwing) growls at icewing and thrashes tail thretngly

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