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The CorruptWings live between two worlds, not fully belonging to either and sometimes thought to have complicity in them because of their names. They act insane too because of a near incomprehensible information from another universe.  It causes them to go mad and each one speaks differently, yet crazy. For example, one may speak in third person while another could speak repeating same words, in reverse order, or maybe rhyme. They live in the third empire, Mortov.

Appearance Edit

CorruptWings are strange beings that have a ruff of stacked spines on them and they have a lateral line on their bodies, like fish do. They also have a spine pattern on their side, despite their name that represents error and disorder. They have normal tails, but feel that they need an offensive weapon, so they mostly have armored spiked tails.


A CorruptWing can flicker between two spaces and transport itself from place to place in seconds. Reason so it because they are born seeing what is known as The Sight. The Sight is basically a vision almost all CorruptWing hatchlings see when they hatch, it's what drives them crazy because it is information from another universe. Very few see it later, and rarely one does not see it at all.


The former ambassador for the CorruptWings was Eljent.