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The EchoWings are dragons that live in the third empire, Mortov.


EchoWings are mostly the color of ash gray or dark gray. They have curved lines on their face that resemble the typical sound waves. They also have frills on their necks to scare off any enemies. Their frills expel a smell that can cause the emotions of anyone who smells it to become fearful for a short time, and can shoot the smell up to a very far distance.


They are highly skilled in movement, very agile, swift, and flexible. Their ability to screech in a very high pitch frequency can make others very testy toward it. Sometimes and excessive time hearing it to another dragon can cause them to go deaf, this is why EchoWings are immune to it and can only use it for so much before it drains them. With sound they can also hear the many vibrations and sense where things are and where they are coming from.