What is a hybrid?Edit

A hybrid is a cross breed between two different dragons. For example, SandWing x SkyWing.

What is this page for?Edit

This page shows all the hybrids and there species name. So, if you want to use them in Fan Fictions.



SkyWing breedsEdit

SkyWing x SandWing = Dusty

SkyWing x MudWing = Clay (The material)

SkyWing x SeaWing = Rainy

SkyWing x NightWing = Full moon

SkyWing x IceWing = Breeze

SkyWing x LeafWing = Ash

SeaWing breedsEdit

SeaWing x SandWing = Steam

SeaWing x RainWing = Hurricane

SeaWing x NightWing = Lake

SeaWing x MudWing = River