First Empire: N/A
Second Tribe: N/A
Third Male
Physical attributes
Fourth Very small
Fifth Sharp teeth
Sixth Breath poison gas

Jax is a mysterious dragon who is unusual. His tribe is unknown and his empire. He likes to say,"The fallen shall rise again!" What does that mean anyway?


Jax is very small and had very sharp teeth. His eyes are yellow and his scales are purple, gold, and black. His tail is long and thin, and teeth run along his spine. His wings are big, thin, and have holes in them. His snout has circle of red scales on it and he has two tusks.


He can breath a green gas that is very poisonous but disapears into vapor very quickly. His teethed spine runs all the way along his tail to the tip where is curves out into a small, sharp point. When there is a new moon, the red circle on his snount glows and changes color from red, to green, to yellow, to orange, to brown. Every new moon, the circle changes color once.

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