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MudWings can be found in the Omni Empire.

Description Edit

MudWings have thick, armored brown scales with sometimes gold and amber underscales. They are generally the brutes of the omni empire. MudWings also have large flat heads with their nostrils at the top of their snout. MudWings are known to be the biggest type of dragons, and the strongest. 


MudWings can breath fire, however, they have to be warm enough. They can hold their breath for up to an hour, blend into large mud puddles, and withstand most damage done to them. MudWings are also very strong. Also, if their egg was blood red then they will be fire resistant.


When the first MudWing is born, it will break the other eggs surrounding it, in other words its sibling's eggs. This isn't to kill them, but to help them get out of their shell. From that point on they will live together until death. The first hatched dragon is also the "bigwings" of his fellow brothers and sisters, since they are abandoned by their parents when their eggs are laid. The bigwings of the group is the leader. He leads hunts, commands, and supports.