Pyrrhia map

A map of Pyrrhia

The omni Empire is home to 7 Tribes of Dragons in the world of Pyhhria.

List of TribesEdit

IceWings- Live in the North-western glaciers of the continent

MudWings- Live in the swamplands and marshes by the eastern ocean

SeaWings- Live in two palaces, one in, and one out, of the water, hidden in the north-eastern sea, and one under water.

RainWings- Live in the south-eastern rainforests

SandWings- Live in the desert located at the center of the continent

SkyWings- Live Just north of the rainforest at the tops of the "Claws of thee Clouds" mountains

NightWings- Don't really live on the continent, but are still part of the empire

original storyEdit

This is also where the original book about wings of fire and the prophecy took place