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A typical RainWing.
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RainWings can be found in the Omni Empire.


Most of the time, RainWings' scales changed depending on their mood, but they have adapted the ability to control their scale color. RainWings also have a ruff around their neck, which can be used as a defense mechanism when flared. Their tails are prehensile.


With their color shifting scales, RainWings can adapt the color of their surroundings, and make them appear invisible. RainWings also have a very special venom found in their fangs. Though the venom is very dangerous and effective, the RainWings never use it against other dragons. The only way to cancel the effects of their deadly venom is by finding a RainWing of the same family to shoot their own venom on the other's. RainWings have a special tail that is capable of grasping trees, allowing the RainWings hang from them.



RainWings are typically lazy, and enjoy bathing in the sun. In their community, they have all they need: no trouble and lots of food. When it comes to having a ruler, they used to alternate queens, but now Queen Glory has taken over for good.


After the female has laid their egg, they don't bother to pay any more attention to it. Dragonets are usually named after an organism (typically in the rainforest), or descriptions (ie: Glory, Magnificent).

A RainWing's Guide to Scale ColorEdit

Crimson = Blushing

Pink = Happy

Red = Upset/Angry

Orange = Annoyed

Bright Yellow = Excited

Light Green = Scared

Green = Worried

Blue-Gray = Sad/Mutual

Purple = Prideful

Dark Purple = Shame/Guilt

Light Purplish = Confused

White = In Pain