SnowWings can be found in the Elemental Empire.

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Description Edit

The SnowWings are a tribe that lives in the Elemental Empire.

Appearance Edit

Their scales ranges from different colors of snow and some shades of icy blue. Some scales on rare occasions have a tint of silver.

On the underside of their wings they have patterns of snowflakes or frost patterns. No two dragon's patterns are the same.

In between their claws they have webbed feet so that they can walk across snow. Their tails are thin with spikes at the end so they can whip enemies.

They have pink to light pink tongues.

Abilities Edit

They can withstand subzero temperatures and bright light. They also have freezing breath. Some of the stronger dragons can make the temperature around them drop for a short amount of time.

On rare occasions a dragon will be born with more magic then other (like an animus dragon). Those dragons would be able to control weather, and cause snowstorms at will.