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StoneWings can be found in the Elemental empire and are created by Alligator the MudWing.


StoneWings possess two pairs of wings, which they use to their advantage to climb rather easily. Although this would help with their flying ability, they do not do this often, and examples of a successful long-term flight have yet to be seen.

They cannot breathe fire whatsoever, yet managed to develop the endurance and resistance against high amounts of heat and burning. They are very strong for climbing and throwing rocks when needed. Their scales are grey to black in color, allowing them convincing camouflage against smooth stone.


Although they are a part of the Elemental Empire, the StoneWings call themselves independent of them, to the point of appointing their own king and keeping to themselves. Parents of StoneWings always stay with the children until they mate themselves, and the average amount of eggs laid is seven to eight. Parents only mate once in their life, and generally Dragonethood is nice for StoneWings.