Vorry is a CorruptWing
General statistics
Creator XUbiquitousx
Title Vorry
Gender Male
Race CorruptWing
Age 8 years
Specific statistics
Color Scheme Gray
Eye Color Blue
Tail Style Normal
Attribute Hesitant
Confederates Sceptile; Lily
Foes CorruptWings
Power Conditional
Flaw Uncorrupt
Quote "I'm not entirely sure."

Vorry is a male CorruptWing, his full and real name is Vorrcjión.


Vorry and his brother Spoken were taken to the Ambassador of the CorruptWings, or Eljent, to check and help these dragonets gain full corruption.  Both of them passed each of the tests or clear minds, except for the last one.  Spoken returned home but Vorry was stuck, tied to a tree and never returned.


Unlike most CorruptWings, Vorry wasn't corrupt.  He does not have yellow eyes, but rather blue ones.  His scales and patterns are orderly yet nothing different from the average dragon from his tribe.